What makes great teaching? A student perspective

I really like this blog post by Ellie Townsend. Shows that even students have expectations of teaching and so they should.

Hannah Tyreman

This is a blog written by my current work experience student, Ellie Townsend. It is her first blog. Please read, share and comment! @ellietwnsnd


As a student, I think that the most important element in great teaching is a good relationship between student and teacher.

First impressions are key in forming a good relationship between student and teacher, and from the moment you meet a teacher a certain level of respect must be clear. A teacher must make their authority known; no student will respect or listen to a teacher if they think they can walk all over them.


Expectations of the students from the teacher play a big part in good teaching. If the teacher is expecting us students to behave badly, why would we do any different? We haven’t got anything to prove. For example, if a teacher was to say ‘if you do this, I…

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